About Us


My name is Nancy Plante. I've always loved to bake and to me it's simply so gratifying to bring pleasure to people through food. I absolutely love the impact and community that food can create. 

When I was told at 28 that I had Celiac Disease and could no longer use any gluten containing ingredients in my creations,I was devastated! As if that wasn't tough enough, like many fellow Celiacs, I was also diagnosed with allergies to all dairy, eggs, and soy.

At first, of course, it was difficult and my body and mind went through denial and deep food cravings for all the foods that were now very detrimental to my health. I was motivated to adhere to my diet by how much better I felt. As time passed my body had less and less cravings and I was soon creating baked goods again, except now, they were Celiac approved and vegan.

I first developed a few muffin recipes since muffins had always been a favorite quick breakfast treat. They were a "hit" with friends and family and no one could tell that they were gluten free and vegan! I was told often and by many that I should start selling them.

Fast forward to me after having my children-both of whom have allergies to dairy and one who is allergic to dairy and wheat. Now I was even more motivated to create good for you, great tasting, dairy free and gluten free products.

So, I took the advice of friends and followed my passion to help myself, my children, and many others to be able to find delicious and nurtitious muffins, pizza, cookies, and whoopie pies!

"Peace of Mind Baking Company" was created out of love for my children and baking, with compassion for all those suffering with food related issues. Our mission at "Peace of Mind Baking Co." is to bake with "LOVE" and a "conscience" using only the healthiest and finest ingredients that will nurture Mind, Body, and Soul!

- Nancy PlanteOwner & Founder


Peace of Mind Baking Co. from Scott Barber on Vimeo.