Banana Walnut Muffin- 4 Pack
Banana Walnut Muffin- 4 Pack

Banana Walnut Muffin- 4 Pack

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Please be aware we recently (5/5/2022) changed the oil used in all our muffins.
We are no longer using safflower oil, due to inflammatory reasons, and have chosen to use pure 100% olive oil instead.


Our delicious muffins are great for breakfast, snacks, and desserts! Made with love and organic ingredients in our certified gluten free facility, these delicious muffins are free from gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs and we promise, you'd never know the difference. 

  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Soy Free 
  • Egg Free
  • Made with organic ingredients 

These muffins are made to order and will last over 8 months if frozen! 


*Brown rice flour, tapioca flour, *coconut flour, gluten free buckwheat flour, *millet flour, *evaporated cane sugar, banana puree, olive oil, walnuts, *flaxseed meal, xanthum gum, aluminum free baking power, baking soda, *cinnamon, sea salt.

* indicates organic